Suriname Amnesty act effective almost immediately

(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – Within 24 hours after adoption of the Amnesty Act it was promulgated and published. “It was my project and I had planned promulgation and publishing immediately after adoption,” says Eugene van der San, director of the President’s Office. He managed to get the adopted Act from Parliament on Thursday and had acting President Robert Ameerali sign the Act into law at once. Home Affairs was able to print and publish the Act the same day. Since Home Affairs Minister Soewarto Moestadja is on sick leave, his deputy Linos Diko has signed on his behalf. Former President turned legislator Ronald Venetiaan is not surprised the Act has already been published. He had wondered in Parliament if Ameerali would allow himself to be the lackey for promulgation. ‘Now jurists will have to study if it is legally possible that the Vice President, in his capacity of acting President can sign an Act into law.’ President Desi Bouterse was in Guyana during the proceedings. He returned yesterday. Venetiaan says that signing by Ameerali was part of the scenario. Van der San rejects any allegations that the signing by Ameerali was rigged so that Bouterse’s signature would not be on the Act that allows him impunity. He claims that since he had intended to have the Act published as quickly as possible he could not have his plans obstructed by the absence of one person. “Since there is always a President in the country I could carry out my intentions. I’m always fast,” he said brusquely.


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