REDjet seeks meeting with T&T Civil Aviation Authority

(Trinidad Guardian) Low-cost carrier REDjet, which suspended its operations since March 16, has requested a meeting with officials of the T&T Civil Aviation Authority (TTCAA). In a telephone interview with the Guardian yesterday, Ramesh Lutchmedial, director general of (TTCAA),  said the authority received a brief letter from the Barbados-based airline Tuesday night requesting a meeting.

Asked if the authority had confirmed a meeting, Lutchmedial said, “No, I would have to consult with the line minister, who is the Transport Minister Devant Maharaj, before we set a date for the meeting. We are guided by government policy.” Lutchmedial said he would have briefed the minister on REDjet’s request yesterday.

On March 16, Barbados Civil Aviation Department (BCAD) grounded REDjet’s operations. Four days later, the BCAD revoked its air operating licence (AOC) as did the TTCAA. Guyana and Antigua and Barbuda have not revoked the airline’s licence.
Asked why T&T did not do likewise, Lutchmedial said, “If we did not revoke the airline’s licence, then we would have been in breach of the law. We must follow regulations.”

He explained the authority received a letter from Barbados that it had suspended REDjet’s AOC for a minimum of 60 days. He said once that action took place from the airline’s home base, it automatically invalidated the airline’s foreign operation specification issued by TTCAA. Lutchmedial said REDjet must have a valid AOC to operate in T&T.

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