Granger complains about GINA coverage

Opposition Leader David Granger has written Speaker of the National Assembly Raphael Trotman complaining about what he said was biased coverage of the ongoing budget debate by the Government Information Agency (GINA), Trotman revealed yesterday.

Trotman told the House that he received the letter from Granger and he has since forwarded it to the Head of GINA, Neaz Subhan and requested that he respond to the complaint.

Meanwhile, Trotman yesterday also complained about the traffic arrangements for parliament which he said are becoming “intolerable” saying he was a victim yesterday as he took about ten minutes to move about three hundred yards.

“We have repeatedly asked the Commissioner of Police to reassess these arrangements; it does not seem as if any action is going to be taken. I know that some members have their own misgivings and their own views but I would like to say it is causing severe dislocation and disruption across the city and it is something I am sure we all agree cannot continue as is,” Trotman told the House.

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