Man attacked by bandit while entering his yard –court hears

A man was yesterday remanded to prison by acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry after he pleaded not guilty to robbery with violence allegedly committed at the virtual complainant’s gateway.

Stephen Archer was charged with robbing John Reynolds on Tuesday of cell phones and other valuables costing $72,000 and he also immediately before or after the robbery made use of personal violence causing bodily harm to Reynolds.

The court heard that Archer  and the virtual complainant were not known to each other but on the evening of the incident the VC was entering his yard when he was approached by the defendant who dealt him several blows with a piece of wood and robbed him of the articles.

Police Prosecutor Denise Booker strongly objected to bail on the grounds that Reynolds is a 69-year-old miner. Booker said that a medical certificate documenting his injuries was obtained and he still has a swollen eye from the attack.

It was also revealed to the court that Archer has spent time in prison on a break and enter charge.

Archer is expected to return to court next month.

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