New jury empanelled in female taxi driver’s murder trial

The trial of the three men accused of murdering taxi driver Seerajie Singh recommenced yesterday in the High Court before Justice Roxane George, after a new 12-member jury was empanelled to hear the case.

Seerajie Singh
Naresh Boodhoo

Anandram Dhanraj, Hemraj Boodhwah and Naresh Boodhoo are the three men accused of killing Singh in February 2006, at the Ogle Airstrip Road.

The trial commence with a voir dire (trial within a trial) in which Assistant Superintendant Julius Wright testified.  Wright was then cross-examined by defence council Clement Richardson, who represented Dhanraj. The trial will continue tomorrow.

Anandram Dhanraj

The three men are accused of shooting Singh in the mouth after she refused to take them to the Ogle gas station to commit a robbery.

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