Contractor’s head crushed in Vlissengen Rd accident

A building contractor lost his life last evening after he collided with a car while motorcycling along Vlissengen Road in the city.

Dead is Yudasram Dookhie, 46, called ‘Andy,’ a father of two boys of Lot 335 Sixteenth Street, La Parfaite Harmonie, West Bank Demerara (WBD).

Yudasram Dookhie

According to reports, around 6pm last evening, Dookhie was heading south along Vlissengen Road in the vicinity of the Botanical Gardens when he collided with a Toyota motorcar, bearing registration PMM1003, which was heading in the opposite direction. He was at the time attempting to overtake a truck when he swerved into the path of the oncoming car.

Dookhie’s head was crushed by the car and he also sustained a broken left leg. The man’s helmet broke into several pieces on impact.

Yudasaram Dookhie’s bike after the accident

According to the driver of the car, the traffic light had moments earlier changed to green and as he was driving along Vlissengen Road, heading towards North Road, he felt the impact of the collision and the vehicle rolled over an object. He said that he believed Dookhie may have attempted to overtake a truck but panicked and subsequently fell off the motorcycle.

Other eyewitnesses gave similar accounts. One man noted that Dookhie rode into the path of the car and was flung off of his Jailing motorcycle. The accident resulted in a build up of traffic along the usually busy roadway as the police attempted to identify the man while a crowd gathered at the scene.

Two hours later, members of Dookhie’s family turned up at the Lyken’s Funeral home in tears as news of his death reached them.

The truck he attempted to overtake.

The man’s wife was too distraught to speak but his sister-in-law noted he was a popular building contractor who worked hard to support his family. She said that Dookhie was working at a building in Kitty and, according to her, he left his home yesterday morning in high spirits as per usual.

She said that the man called his wife earlier in the afternoon and informed her that he was finishing off his work at the work site early.

At the family’s home last evening, numerous relatives, neighbours and friends gathered to offer condolences to Dookhie’s family.

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