Aishalton flight aborted after engine fire

The pilot of an Air Services Limited (ASL) Britten-Norman Islander was forced to abort a take-off from the Region Nine airstrip, at Aishalton, after one of the aircraft engines caught fire yesterday.

According to reports out of the area, some time around lunchtime, the aircraft registered as 8R-GHE, was departing the community with several passengers on board when the pilot observed smoke emanating from the right (port) engine.

An ASL Britten-Norman Islander (Photo from

Shortly after, the engine caught afire and the pilot quickly aborted the take-off and commenced emergency measures. The passengers later disembarked the aircraft without any injuries.

ASL executive Annette Arjoon-Martins told Stabroek News yesterday that no one was injured during the incident and according to her, the pilot made a good judgment call and brought the aircraft to a halt, following which he ensured that the passengers were safe.

She said a team of engineers and officials from the company ventured into the savannah region following the incident to determine the extent of the damage.

An aviation official noted that a team of officials from the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) was expected to travel to Region Nine yesterday afternoon to investigate the incident.

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