Dutch Lower House rejects Suriname resolutions

(de Ware Tijd) THE HAGUE – The Dutch Lower House rejected all three resolution submitted by the Partij voor de Vrijheid (PVV) on Suriname. The PVV was the only faction to vote for a travel restriction for the 28 legislators who voted for adoption of the Amnesty Act. PVV also advocates expulsion of temporary Charge d’affaires Chantal Doekhie. Almost the entire House rejected Geert Wilders’ resolution not to have Ambassador Art Jacobi return to Suriname as long as Bouterse is in office. It was obvious that the PVV resolutions would be rejected. If it were up to the PVV we would  have to place a fence around Suriname and expel all Dutch men with Surinamese backgrounds, says Harry van Bommel, legislator for the Socialist Party (SP).

PVV faction member Louis Bontes submitted the resolutions last week. Van Bommel says that Bontes is so poorly informed that he submitted a resolution requesting the expulsion of the Surinamese Ambassador, while Suriname does not even have an Ambassador in the Netherlands. Even the demand not to have Art Jacobi return for the remainder of Bouterse’s term is idiotic. It would be counterproductive to Dutch interests because there are many Dutch in Suriname. The resolution on issuing a travel restriction would be unheard of, meaning that the Netherlands is meddling in Suriname’s internal affairs. Surinamese legislators may vote without heeding Dutch criticism, just like the Dutch would not heed Suriname’s criticism when voting for an issue. The Lower House would have been completely ridiculous if they had adopted the resolution. The PVV seems to have targeted Suriname now. Before Islam and the Dutch Antilles were its culprits, ever looking for a scapegoat.


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