Killer of T&T girl called family from Guyana –report

-father vows to leave no stone unturned for justice

(Trinidad Newsday) The 25-year-old suspect  being sought in connection with the brutal murder of Nikita Ramischand, 18, the  daughter of prominent attorney Odai Ramischand fled Trinidad five hours after he  is alleged to have killed the teen.

The Guyanese national is  reported to have boarded a Caribbean Airlines (CAL) flight at 12.25 am on  Thursday and arrived in Guyana an hour later. His last known hideout was  identified as East of the Demerara River in a place called Soesdyke.

Yesterday, Ramischand who said he is still in shock over his daughter’s violent demise said that his  nephew Anil Mohabir Nandlall, who is the Minister of Legal Affairs and Attorney  General of Guyana is very shaken up over the murder of Nikita and has put all  resources in place to apprehend the suspect in the South American nation.

Ramischand said that based on immigration records he was able to find out when the suspect left Trinidad and when he arrived in Guyana and pointed out that all systems are in place to bring the suspect to justice.

“I will spend every  penny and every breath that I have to make sure that justice is done to send a  signal that you just cannot violate the sanctity of life and its regard to  people’s feelings and respect for family life and decent people. I will make  sure that justice is done through due process of law,” Ramischand said.

Ramischand said that he and his wife Shariza and five other children have not eaten or slept since Nikita was murdered and he is unsure if he will be able  to even resume his legal career after his daughter’s funeral which has been  tentatively set for next week Tuesday at the house of mourning.

However he is  clear in his mind that justice must be served.

“No one can interfere  with my children and get away with it. Seeing my daughter take her last  breath and blood seeping from her throat and stab wounds in her chest…it’s  something I will not wish for any parent to witness. Rest assured, that man who  took my Nikita away will be hunted down and brought to justice,” Ramischand  vowed.

Ramischand said that on Wednesday he began feeling uneasy while at work and could not understand why he could not concentrate. He said that while at the  office, Nikita telephoned him and said: “Dad, I feel like cooking for you today.  I know your favourite meal is dhal, rice, caraili with shrimp and coconut  chutney. I am looking forward to seeing you home soon.”

Ramischand said that he  was kept back at his office on Wednesday because of legal work he is doing for a  client in Guyana. On arrival home on Wednesday night he was met by his frantic  wife who told him that Nikita could not be found.

He said that he told his  wife and other children to look for her in the compound because his daughter  never went anywhere without family members. “I told them to call her cellphone  and when it began ringing at the back of a guest house on the compound my  children rushed to where the phone was ringing only to discover Nikita gasping  and vomiting chunks of blood.”

Ramischand said when his children and wife began  screaming he rushed to the area only to reach in time to see his daughter  breathe her last.

“I almost collapsed. I could not believe what I was seeing. I thought my daughter was safe and protected at our home. The person who took away her life has no regard for human life or the repercussions of his actions.”

Ramischand said that he will forever be haunted by the image of blood spurting from Nikita’s neck and chest. He fears his family will never recover from this ordeal. He said the last meal Nikita cooked for him is still in the  fridge. He said it will never be eaten and he will find some way to preserve it  as it was the last act of love his daughter did for him before her death.

Ramischand said he regrets being kept back at his office as he felt his daughter would still be alive if he had come home his normal time. He said that  the killer would have fled the scene shortly after he (Ramischand) arrived home.

He also revealed that his wife received three telephone calls from the suspect who claimed he was still in Trinidad staying in Chaguanas and Freeport.

“That man had the audacity to call my wife to plead his innocence and even told  her that he was not the person who killed Nikita. He said it was something which  he could never do,” Ramischand said. Ramischand said that he even asked the killer to  meet with him but the man promised to call back. This conversation was recorded  by police and later traced to Guyana. He said that hundreds of persons attended  a wake at his home for Nikita on Thursday night and everyone expressed horror  over the killing.

He said that two years ago, he took a decision to leave Trinidad and migrate with his family because of the crime situation but because it would have  disrupted his children’s education, he decided against it. With Nikita’s death,  migration is now uppermost in his mind.

Ramischand said that the Government of Guyana and  the Trinidad Police are working hand in hand to bring the suspect to justice.  Newsday understands that AG Nandlall was expected to arrive at 5.30 pm yesterday  to attend next week’s funeral.

The teenager who was a student of the School of  Business and Computer Studies (SBCS) was killed on Wednesday night while walking  to her mother’s salon located inside her father’s mansion at Maracas/St Joseph.

The killer scaled a 10 foot fence at the northern side of the house and reportedly ambushed Nikita as she made her way to the salon. An autopsy carried  out on Thursday revealed that the young woman’s throat was slit and she was  stabbed six times.




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