Shrimp drying suspended for Zeeburg seawall clean-up

Shrimp drying along the Zeeburg seawall has been suspended for a week.

The suspension, which began yesterday, has been instituted after a meeting on Wednesday between residents and officials of the area’s Neighbourhood Democratic Council (NDC) to address concerns over effects of the shrimp drying operations on the community.

Two men drying shrimp on the Zeeburg seawall last Friday.

According to acting chairman Khusial Mangra, the NDC hopes the move will bring some sort of relief to residents as well as students and teachers of the Zeeburg Secondary School, who last week complained about the high amount of flies, polluted drains and the stench caused by the operations along the seawall.

He said the one-week suspension will be used as a grace period to clean up the area and putting the necessary measures in place for dryers to follow. Shrimp dryers will now have to follow sanitation measures, such as spraying the area with disinfectant and cleaning up the seawall after they are finished drying on a daily basis, according to Mangra.

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