Two T&T daughters home, one still missing

(Trinidad Express) A Laventille mother is today torn between joy and sorrow, as two of her three daughters who went missing last Thursday are back home.

Vanessa Nichols was yesterday relieved to have found her daughters Akilah, 15, and Kizzy Bengochea, 16, who disappeared while in the company of their eldest sister, Alisha.

The girls visited Express House in Port of Spain yesterday with their mother and told her and the police that they were asked by their sister to accompany her to a Laventille house on Thursday afternoon.

Their sister, 19, left them that night at a house.

On Friday they were taken to another house, although it is unclear how they arrived there.

Their sister’s boyfriend is said to live in the house in which the girls were found yesterday.

The girls said their cellular telephones were taken away by their sister and hidden in the same house.

They said they were alone on Friday.

Yesterday they were discovered in the house by a woman who lives there and their mother was contacted.

They were removed from the house by the police and taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mt Hope where they were examined.

The girls said yesterday they did not know their sister, Alisha’s, whereabouts.

“I am just very happy to have my daughters back and I hope that their sister will return to her family as quickly as possible,” Nichols said.

Nichols said she has a good relationship with her younger daughters but has always “had trouble” with the eldest.

Anyone knowing the whereabouts of Alisha Bengochea is asked to call the Besson Street Police Station at 623-1395 or Nichols at 375-9134.


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