Hunt for murderer of T&T girl intensified –Brumell

The daughter of prominent Guyana-born attorney, Odai Ramischand, was brutally killed on Wednesday last with the main suspect being a 25-year-old man who her family had hired three months ago to complete some work on their property.

The teen had become familiar with the individual and frequently spoke to him on the telephone, Trinidad newspaper Newsday had reported.

Nikita Ramisch

Stabroek News yesterday contacted Police Commissioner (ag), Leroy Brumell, who said they had received information about the case.  He stated that immigration records which would have been checked after the arrival of the accused have confirmed that he is in fact here.

Brumell noted that the police have so far managed to contact the suspect’s family who said they are unaware of his whereabouts. The police, he said, are currently trying to determine where the man is.  “There has been no word or sighting of him,” he added.

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