Bouterse to swear in five new ministers

(de Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – President Desi Bouterse will swear in five new Ministers and two deputy Ministers tomorrow at noon. Director of the President’s Office, Eugene van der San confirms that invitations have already been sent. The seven new officials were at the President’s Office yesterday for a drill in government matters and their duties. Presidential advisors Jules Wijdenbosch, Errol Alibux and Andy Rusland were in charge of the training exercise. Justice and Police Minister Martin Misiedjan, whose position was in the balance, did not make it. He will be replaced by Edward Belfort, currently acting deputy permanent secretary in charge of Delinquents Care.

The following officials will be the new ministers: Ismanto Adna (Sports and Youth Affairs), Shirley Sitaldin (Education), Michael Blokland (Health), Stanley Betterson (Regional Development), Abigail Lie A Kwie (deputy Minister Public Works) and Mahinder Gopi (deputy Minister Regional Development). Michael Miskin, currently at Trade at Industry, will take over at Labor, while Ginmardo Kromosoeto, the current Labor Minister, goes to Zonal Planning. Education Minister Raymond Sapoen will be in charge at Trade and Industry. With the reshuffling included, almost half of Bouterse’s team is new in what should be his year of action. Analysts wonder if the administration will be able to reach the goals set for this year with so many changes in the team. Public administration expert August Boldewijn had voiced his concern about the reshuffling, stating that it would not yield  any tangible results as long as the civil service is not made more effective and more efficient.



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