Calder Hart defends himself over Brian Lara Cricket Academy

(Trinidad Express) Calder Hart says he’s not guilty of accusations made against him in the face of a multi-million dollar lawsuit.

On October 17, 2011 attorney Christlyn Moore acting on behalf of UDeCOTT issued a pre-action protocol letter to the former executive chairman of the Urban Development Company of Trinidad and Tobago (UDeCOTT) at his local and Florida addresses threatening action against him with respect to breach of his fiduciary duty in the Brian Lara Cricket Academy (BLCA) and the Legal Affairs Tower projects.

Hart, who left this country since he resigned from UDeCOTT in 2010, responded to the pre-action legal letter.

In his response to Moore, dated November 12, 2011, Hart insisted he was innocent of the accusations made against him.

“Throughout your letter (pre-action protocol letter) there are suggestions and insinuations of dishonesty and corruption. I categorically deny that I ever acted either dishonestly or corruptly in the discharge of my duties at UdeCOTT,” stated Hart.

He noted the pre-action protocol letter makes various allegations against him during his tenure as UDeCOTT chairman, but, he stated he was unable to respond to these claims because he did not have any documents in his possession.

Hart stated that when he left UDeCOTT in March 2010, he returned, in accordance with his contractual obligations, all the company documents that were in his possession.

“Obviously, therefore, I am not in a position to give a considered response to your allegations, and in the circumstances must request that you provide me with copies of all the documents upon which you rely for support of your allegations,” stated Hart.

He added that until he had the opportunity to review the documents he requested and to seek professional advice, only then would he be able to formally respond to the legal threat.

“I would not in the circumstances expect you to take any further steps until I have had a fair chance to evaluate your claims,” stated Hart.

He also pointed out that in the pre-action protocol letter, he was unable to find any claim for loss or damage with respect to the Legal Affairs Tower project.

Hart attached a list of documents he was requesting, which the Express understands were sent to him.

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