Guyanese man pleads guilty to defrauding Canadian phone company

A Guyanese man has pleaded guilty to participating in a fraud on Canadian phone company, Telus and has been slapped with house arrest for 12 months and will have to make restitution.

In the southern Ontario city of Barrie, Parmanand Persaud, 41,  admitted in court to participating in the scheme with another man, Quinton Sharp.

According to the Barrie Examiner Sharp wrote 21 cheques over a period on the company’s bank account that was set up to pay for maintenance projects.

Sharp’s neighbour, Persaud, ran a small construction and maintenance business at the time and  placed the cheques through his business account, even though no work was ever done. Proceeds would then be split between the two.

Defence lawyer Bernard Cugleman in court explained, according to the report, that the men were neighbours and both had problems with gambling and alcohol.

“That was their common bond,” Cugleman said.

The report said that both men were ordered to remain in their homes, except for employment and necessary appointments, which may include counselling for gambling and alcohol addictions.

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