Linden caps Town Week, anniversary celebrations

The curtains came down on the Linden Town Week celebrations on Monday after the an-nual programme of workshops, concerts, which this year coincided with observances for the town’s 42nd anniversary.

It all got started on Satur-day, April 21 when the long months of planning and negotiating started to pay dividends for the Linden Town Week Committee (LTWC) which comprised mainly members of the Interim Management Com-mittee of the Linden Town Council.

The Committee was praised for its efforts, particularly since it had only started major planning two months ago due to the pre- and post-elections activities of last year. They were also challenged by late proposals for activities, among other concerns.

Juliana Hughes at her booth

One week prior to April 21, the LTWC drafted a calendar of activities, to be held under the theme ‘Celebrating our Culture while reclaiming our identity.’ Though some persons applauded the plans, some sections of the community criticised it. The agenda featured comedy shows, presented under the title “Laugh out Loud,” which was produced by Unique Entertainment; a dramatic piece – “Town Affair” – by the Youths in Promotion drama group; and the Link Show by Devin Sears. “I think the calendar of activities this year was much better than last year,” one resident said.

Linden Fund,
education and

A visitor with Troy ‘Movements’ Roberts and his miniature planes

The Linden Fund USA made its usual contribution to the programme and focused on educational activities. It hosted its annual Spelling Bee, which was sponsored by telecoms provider Digicel. Regma Primary emerged victorious, with St Aidan’s Primary second, and Amelia’s Ward Primary in third. The NGO also hosted workshops for nursery, primary and secondary school teachers and administrators within the Department of Education at Linden, compliments of Republic Bank Limited and Banks DIH Ltd.

Meanwhile, the Women of Mission International, which is associated with the charity, hosted a Women’s Conference and fete, titled ‘Celebrating the Privileged,’ which saw about 500 women, children and senior citizens being treated to a meal and gifts. They also benefited from a lecture on good health practices. Linden Fund also partnered with the Town Week Committee to host a luncheon for 250 senior citizens, who were also given cash and other incentives.


Little Miss Christianburg, who was crowned the queen in the Little Miss Pageant.

Retired educator Evadney Jordan was also presented with a Lifetime Education award at a special honours ceremony. Digicel was recognised a good corporate citizen and a number of volunteers were honoured for their sterling contributions to the Linden Fund over the years.

Jamaican singer Christopher Martin on stage during his headlining performance

The Linden Dream Team, a group of USA-based Guyanese who once comprised the youth arm of the Linden Fund, also made their debut contribution in the field of education. The group which started in Christianburg hosted the ‘Rising Star’ award ceremony for 80 successful participants in its essay competition. The Dream Team also hosted the Emerald and Ice party in Christianburg and was instrumental in planning the luncheon for the senior citizens. They also held a special day of interaction and luncheon with members of the Linden Centre for the Disabled.

Pageant and

Patrons at Saturday night’s concert

The Town Week programme also featured the Little Miss Pageant, which was hosted by the Rotaract Club of Linden, and the launching of the Region 10 Civil Society Forum by the Linden Fund Trust. It also had the usual annual features, like the Big and Bold Show, which reverted to its original concept instead of being promoted as a contest; the Linden Expo, a feature of the Linden Chamber of Deve-lopment and Commerce; The Farmers’ Exhibition; Speak Up, Speak Out for High School students; and Wismar Night.

Activities were also held at the LICHAS Hall and pockets of persons had fun along Republic Avenue on the Mackenzie shore. This year also saw the successful staging of two international concerts, headlined by Christopher Martin on Saturday night and Baby Sham on Sunday night. The back-to-back concerts garnered a lot of support, though the Baby Sham show suffered due to heavy rains.

The usual Sunday street jam was undoubtedly the largest in recent years, going until the wee hours of Monday. Scores of residents and children crammed almost three quarters of a mile stretch of road, with large numbers congregating at the round-the-town minibus park, Consumers’ Complex Tarmac, in front of bars and on the frontage of several stores, stalls and small shops.

While for some it was a well-deserved time of partying, other persons participated in the usual limes while others spent hours catching up with old friends and relatives, visiting the limited array of exhibits and taking photographs.

A long line of vehicles were parked along Republic Avenue, Purple Heart Street, Independence Avenue and other side streets as most of the streets were barricaded and under heavy police guard. The round-the-town vehicle parks were relocated to Dageraad Avenue while the Linden to Georgetown park had been relocated to the five corners at Mackenzie for the week. On Monday a final ‘wash down’ party was held at the Mackenzie Swimming Pool and the Labour Day holiday on Tuesday was welcomed as a much needed ‘rest day.’

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