Golding backs minister on oversight panel

(Jamaica Observer) Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the oversight panel appointed by Transport and Works Minister Dr Omar Davies to oversee three major Government projects does not undermine the role of the contractor general who had expressed concerns about the contractual procedures relating to the projects.

In fact, Golding said that by deciding to proceed with the projects Davies was carrying out the Government’s mandate to manage the affairs of the country.

“The appointment of the committee chaired by Professor Gordon Shirley does not in any way undermine or compromise the role of the contractor general any more than the Infrastructure Subcommittee of the Cabinet that would normally review recommended contract awards before their presentation to Cabinet,” Golding said in an article published in today’s edition of the Jamaica Observer.

“Aside from the fact that all three members are persons of unquestioned integrity and competence, they cannot impede or interfere with the work of the contractor general. Indeed, their deliberations, actions and recommendations will, themselves, be subject to his purview and investigation,” the former prime minister added.


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