Norton St duo injured in violent confrontation

Two persons were yesterday rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital by the police following a violent confrontation between them at Norton Street, Lodge, during which one was stabbed to the neck and the other chopped twice to the head.

According to reports, 16-year-old Devon Edinboro, of D’urban Street, Lodge, was confronted by an older male, said to be in his late teens or early 20s and only identified as Akeem, sometime around 5pm yesterday.

“These two got an ongoing feud long now,” an eyewitness told this newspaper at the hospital.

Devon Edinboro

The man said he was travelling in a patrol car after reporting a personal matter when residents in the area flagged down the vehicle and asked the police to intervene in the matter. He explained that as the police rushed to where the boys were, the older boy fled and was chased and eventually caught by police.

Outside the hospital was Edinboro’s mother, Rhonda McDowan, who said she heard of the incident sometime around 5pm when her daughter called her.

“My daughter called me and said Devon get juk in he neck, some boy name Akeem juk he,” she told this newspaper, adding that she is not familiar with her son’s “attacker” but is aware that he and her son share the same circle of friends.

“I never really know is who but like is a set of boys stop talk to this Akeem and he (Devon) saying that Akeem see he walking just so on the road and run behind he and he didn’t catch he… he run away to get a cutlass and run back and the other boy pull out an ice pick and juk he and he fall down and then chop Akeem with the cutlass,” she explained the information as it was relayed to her by her son.


The woman, who was frantically awaiting word from doctors on her son’s condition, said he is not the type to get into any such problem and found the incident strange.

No relative of the second individual involved was seen at the hospital. Both were being treated in the Accident and Emergency Unit of the hospital at the time.

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