Two killed in T&T drug deal shootout

(Trinidad Express) Two men are dead following what police believe is a shootout with each other at Upper Bournes Road, St James, late on Saturday night.

The dead men have been identified as Keston Paul, 23, and Daniel Hernandez, 19.

The details of what really transpired have left police baffled since they have been hearing conflicting reports about who shot who.

Paul was killed and pronounced dead on arrival at hospital and Hernandez, who was later brought to hospital with gunshot injuries about the body, succumbed to his injuries at hospital early yesterday.

No weapons have been recovered by police, but officers are working on the theory that Hernandez may have been engaged in a shootout with Paul or one of several people Paul was liming with.

According to police, around 10 p.m., Paul was liming in a track with a group of men in an area known as “The Coco” when they were confronted by Hernandez.

Police said they received information that Hernandez, who was reportedly armed with a gun, began to fire shots at Paul and his friends, hitting the victim about the body.

It is believed that either Paul or one of his friends whipped out a pistol and returned fire, hitting Hernandez, who quickly fled the scene.

Western Division police responded to the incident and took Paul to the Port of Spain General Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival. Police said he was found with a bag containing marijuana which was packaged for retail sale.

At the hospital, police said, Paul was searched and a quantity of ammunition was found in one of his pants pockets. Officers are working on the theory that the incident may have been drug-related.

Sometime later, Hernandez was brought to the facility also nursing gunshot injuries about the body but died around 7 a.m. yesterday.

Investigations are continuing into the incident.


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