Public funds not used to commission study on national airline here – OP

The Office of the President today denied that public funds were ever used for the commissioning of a feasibility study on the \establishing of a national airline here.

It was reacting to a series of advertisements and news items in the Kaieteur News.

The OP statement said:

“The Office of the President has reacted angrily to the latest in the arsenal of misinformation by Kaieteur News. This most recent effort claims air transport studies being organised, being created by the Office of the President and maligns the effort behind the construction of the new airport facility at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport. This is the level to which the Kaieteur News has fallen.

“The administration rejects the claims absolutely and its entirety stating the following, at no time has the PPP/C administration use public funds to commission a feasibility study in establishing a National Airlines in Guyana.

“Cabinet has never been approached and, Cabinet has never issued an approval for the use of public funds for such a study. Furthermore, at no time has the PPPC administration sought to incorporate a National Airline nor to establish such an airline as a national flagship carrier.

“Equally ridiculous, the Office of the President asserts, is the claim that the airway expansion at Cheddi Jagan International Airport was an effort to obtain a new category from the FAA in the United States of America.

“The records would show that CJIA had that original category, lost that category because of human capacity constraints and it was not any reconstruction or rehabilitation of the airport that is needed to restore the loss category.

“The administration is calling on the accusers, Kaieteur News, to produce the evidence, to make public the documents they claim that show that this administration was involved in their ridiculous claims.”


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