T&T man killed on way to shop with 2-year-old son

(Trinidad Express) With his two-year-old son in his arms, a 38-year-old Laventille man was shot multiple times in the head while walking to a nearby shop to make a purchase.

Two-year-old Jeremiah Joseph screamed after he fell to the ground next to his father, as the lone assailant, who had pumped bullets into the victim’s head, made his escape into a nearby community.

The child was not hurt during the shooting but sustained minor bruises.

This killing caused outrage in the Beverly Hills/Canada, Laventille, community yesterday as residents and relatives of the deceased labelled those responsible as cowards.

The incident occurred just around noon while Ricardo “Cardo Daddy” Campbell was walking down a hill, under a dongs tree, located a stone’s throw away from his Canada apartment.

He was was going to a nearby shop to purchase an item for his son and decided to take Jeremiah for a walk with him. He was approached by the gunman.

The assailant is said to have shot the victim multiple times in the head before making his escape on foot.

A resident, who is a PH-driver in the area, saw baby Jeremiah lying next to his father and took him to his mother and told her what had happened.

Campbell’s brother, Luther Stephen, who spoke with the Express at the scene, described the victim as a person who was well known in the area and not involved in any gang activities.

The incident, Stephen said, has surprised his family, friends and neighbours.

“That’s the thing about it, Daddy not in nothing. All of we grow up together in Beverly Hills and Daddy is known by everyone and he’s not in nothing. Daddy is a joker especially with them women and them. He’s liked by all and what happened to him here is really sad and shocking,” Stephen said as tears rolled down his face.

A female relative of the victim, who pointed into the hills at the Desperlie Crescent and L’eau Place, Laventille, comminutes, warned that the actions of a particular individual were responsible for what happened to Campbell.

“What is hurting me is that they kill Cardo with he son in he hand. All yuh kill an innocent man for no reason. Tears don’t stop, you know, and I hope all you know that.

“Don’t worry, we crying today but soon will be all yuh turn. That’s how all yuh does operate, kill an innocent man with his child in he hand? Why not come down here. All you come down here if all yuh bad,” the woman screamed.

The woman accused a known gang leader in the Laventille community as being responsible for the incident.

A report was made to the police and officers of the InterAgency Task Force responded to the incident but Campbell was already dead.

Police classified the incident as gang-related even though Campbell was not known to be involved in gang-related incidents.

A team of officers from the Besson Street CID headed by ASP Ajith Persad, Insp Sahadeo Singh, Cpl Hinkson and PCs Narine, Gomez and Sealy visited the scene.

The District Medical Officer also visited the scene and ordered the body removed to the Forensic Science Centre in St James for a post-mortem on Monday.

This incident and the shooting to death of a fisherman on Thursday night bring the murder toll for the year to 149, according to an Express tally.


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