With two city hydro pumps and the John Fernandes Ltd sluices inoperable, city officials are pleading with the residents of Georgetown to maintain clean drains so as to allow a free flow of water.

The two pumps which are located at Sussex Street have been reported by the City Engineer, the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) informed in a press release yesterday, adding that pumps in Kitty were also affected during  power outages. “We had repeatedly asked Guyana Power and Light to connect that facility to a second power line. This would have allowed that pump to continue functioning even when there are blackouts in that section of the city.

The Council awaits the assistance of that company,” the release stated. It was noted that engineers are working to correct the situation so as to also optimum use of the council’s drainage.

The M&CC reported that Georgetown experienced 4.0 inches of rainfall in a 24-hour period and as a result, there was overtopping in some areas and for which the council apologized to the residents who were affected by this.

It was further stated that the council budgeted over $220 million in the municipal estimates for the purpose of drainage works and that more than $125 million has been expended so far to preserve and improve the drainage system of Georgetown.

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