The bauxite washer pond is not maintained

Dear Editor,
As a young man many, many, years ago, my friends and I swam in most of the waterways around Mackenzie, Wismar and Christianburg, namely, Bucktown, Katabuli Creek, Lovers Lane, Blue Lake, Cara Cara Creek, Hymara Creek and many others.

The Hymara Creek, into which we once plunged from the many bridges to swim naked or sometimes with our flour-bag underwear or those made from berets which were stolen from girls at school, is now filled with bushes and bauxite waste from the washer pond which comes under the control of the bauxite company, Bosai, of Linden.

The washer pond, which is very important to the system of bauxite production is not maintained. Should this situation continue as it is, Mackenzie or the Cara Cara area could experience flooding if or when it rains continuously.

Lindeners are having serious bauxite related problems, for example excessive dust in the air and dirty roads which are caused by overladen trucks; when it rains bauxite would drip along the roadways making them very muddy. The bauxite train systems are long gone and the maintenance staff went with the railroad. Trucks are here to stay; they must have maintenance staff also.
Yours faithfully,
B Winslow Parris

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