Bread price has not increased

Dear Editor,
Having read the comments in a letter to your newspaper dated Saturday February 18 (‘Too big an increase in bread price’), we would like to first thank our patrons, and in particular Ms J Braithwaite, for their support over the years. Over the years and continually, our goal has and will be to deliver quality products at affordable prices to our customers.  In this regard, we have taken the opportunity to introduce new products to the market.

As a result, during the month of February we introduced two new products, among others – white raisin bread and whole wheat raisin bread.  As such a notice was placed on our board indicating the availability of these new additions to the range of products offered.  It is our belief that Ms J Braithwaite may have been misinformed into thinking that the prices for the new products represented increases in prices for current products.

As such, by this letter we humbly seek to inform all of our customers that there has not been an increase in the prices of our products, particularly bread, as these have remain constant over the past year.  However, there has been an addition to the range of products offered under our bread line, as we are now offering the raisin bread and raisin tennis rolls in both white and whole wheat staples.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the public for their support over the years, and also the media for this opportunity to respond to the misconceptions that may have been conveyed inadvertently to our customers.  Moreso, we would like to invite Ms J Braithwaite to visit our office so that further clarity on the matter can be sought.

Yours faithfully,
W Williams
Quality + Bakery & Fast Foods

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