When will sanity be brought to the noise nuisance madness?

Dear Editor,

How many more reports, complaints and appeals, etc, must be made against noise nuisance and vulgar lyrics before tangible and effective measures are implemented to bring sanity to this madness? Are not those responsible for enforcing this law miserably failing to function and should be removed?

Stiffer penalties like banning from playing, confiscating instruments, increase in fines, etcetera, should he introduced.

The effect of noise nuisance has been documented umpteen times but it seems to fall on deaf ears or the ears of those who themselves contravene the law –  like the ‘Big Lime’ where madness reaches the heavens – so intervention would not be in their interest.  To hell with who is affected.

There is this church in Betsy Ground, East Canje, that recently disturbed the neighbourhood for something like 7 days for 4 hours daily. The question here and elsewhere is why would a small building – say 20 feet by 25 feet – here and elsewhere use a public address system and bang away at drum sets, etc.  Surely disturbing the peace is not showing love to neighbours whether Christian, Muslim, Hindu or whatever.

Then we have vehicles both passenger and private. Can this government not get something under control?

This will be my last appeal on this matter, though I am seeing the number of persons going deaf because of consistent loud music, and the crime committed when loud music is playing, thus hindering potential rescuers from hearing the cries of victims.

Yours faithfully,
M Sookraj

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