New arrangements for issuing of drivers‘ licences refer to current manual system

Dear Editor,
Further to my letter captioned ‘The processing of driver’s licences is manual, but will be automated later this year,’ which was published in the February 23 edition of the Stabroek News, I wish to state clearly that the interim system referred to is not in relation to the automated system that is scheduled to come on stream later this year. Rather, it is in relation to the current manual system. Hence, while the GRA continues to use the manual system, applicants will be required to lodge their documents and return after two working days (in the case of renewal of drivers‘ licences) or three working days (in the case of the processing of duplicate driver’s licences) to make the necessary payment and uplift their drivers‘ licences.

During the period that the licences are being processed by the Licence Revenue Office (LRO), applicants will be issued with driving permits valid for two or three days depending on whether they requested a renewal or a duplicate of their licence.

It is our hope that the system will be automated shortly to eliminate all of the above, thereby significantly reducing the time it takes to complete this transaction. I wish to reiterate my advice to the public that should they experience any difficulty in transacting business with the LRO, they should communicate with or seek clarity from the Senior Manager, Licence Revenue Office, Deputy Head, Value Added Tax & Excise Tax, Director, Tax Operations & Services or the Commissioner-General.
Yours faithfully,     
Khurshid Sattaur
Guyana Revenue Authority

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