Dear Editor,

Kindly refer to my letter published in SN of February 23, 2012 titled ‘The Guyana Geology and Mines Commission has not so far been publicly acknowledged as a “body corporate“ as required under the law.‘

The relevant paragraph in fact reads as follows:

“One finds it hard to believe (and indeed accept, the pretence) that the Commission so far has not publicly been acknowledged as a lawful authority of the ‘body corporate,’ who must, as normal, be required to compose a relevant work plan and budget.”

A more careful examination of the Schedule to the GGMC Act quoted early in the letter, would show that the ‘Commission’ referred to is not the organisation but the ‘Board’ composed of Chairman and members.  It is this group of persons (the Commission) who appear not to be acknowledged as having the legal mandate to manage the organisation, which is already recognised as a ‘corporate body.’

Grateful for your understanding that SNs heading tends to mislead the less attentive reader.

Yours faithfully,
E B John

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