Alpha United withdrawal from the GFA no surprise

Dear Editor,

Upon reading an article in your newspaper captioned ‘Alpha United withdraws from GFA’ (Feb 16) my mind immediately focused upon the wise old saying: “Come see me and come live with me are two different comes.”  I wasn’t surprised that Alpha ‘The Hammer’ United withdrew from the GFA.

Alpha’s President, Odinga Lumumba first and foremost is a businessman/promoter and politician and from a business perspective, he would not want to forego becoming the franchise holder of semi-professional football in Guyana, or lose the chance of defending Alpha’s title as the National League two-time champions.

Alpha would have lost out on playing in the Inter-Guiana’s Club championship, along with the CFU/CONCACAF Club championship. Can Alpha/Lumumba afford this? Absolutely not, since it would have effects on the senior players, some of whom are in the twilight of their careers.

Mr Lumumba stated: “The executive of Alpha United Football Club has decided to withdraw the club from participating in any activity organized by the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) until a settlement is made between the GFA and the Guyana Football Federation (GFF).”

Surprisingly, this latest development comes against the backdrop that both the GFA and GFF previously held talks with the Minister of Sport – I presume he was mediating. But why was the Guyana Olympic Association (GOA) not the mediator, since apart from being more neutral, it would have had no political input or favourite?

Nevertheless at the end of the day Mr Lumumba could utilize his political clout to mobilize the necessary financing towards influencing a few clubs to part company with the GFA.

Moreso, the Asst Sec/Treasurer of the GFA would have to resign because he is also an executive of Alpha United. And clubs would then be duly informed of the failure of the GFA’s executive to fulfil the General Council’s mandate of brokering a meeting between the lawyers of the GFA and the GFF.

Yours faithfully,
Lester Sealey

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