The President should act decisively on certain issues

Dear Editor,

Some time ago, a group of us offered to President Donald Ramotar a menu of measures if he and his government wished seriously to seek reconciliation with the majority. He has already made a serious misstep with this nonsensical statement of rigging the elections, when those of us who worked in the field are aware of what happened in the final hours on Election Day in certain areas and polling places. It is the PPP which had the opportunity to turn things in their favour.

Apart from that, the President must make a clear statement and then act decisively on issues such as, the retention of the Commissioner of Police long alter retirement age, the Ansa McAl deal, the new GPC contracts and supply of drugs to the Ministry of Health, the unfair distribution of state lands and property, the illegal activities of NICIL, the wanton waste of money with GuySuCo and GPL, the IMCs and non-PPP municipalities and local government bodies.

If no action, we must then assume that the philosophy of the government and the state apparatus is business as usual.

Yours faithfully,
Hamilton Green JP

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