Henry Greene should resign

Dear Editor,

In connection with the Commissioner of Police Henry Greene’s impasse with the DPP, I think that Mr Greene should resign immediately for professional misconduct. He should face the court like any ordinary Guyanese to clear his name if he is innocent of the alleged rape charges. I believe in the principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty by a court of law.

If the DPP recommends a person to be charged, let the court decide if that person is guilty or not.

No one should approach the Chief Justice to decide if the DPP is wrong or right to recommend a charge, this is like trying a case before it goes to the court. What Mr Greene is doing here is opening the floodgates for anyone who is charged with a crime to approach the courts to dispute the DPP or the police if they can afford to hire high-priced lawyers.

It amazes me that the Bar Association is keeping quiet when one of their members, Mr Greene, has commited professional misconduct (he has admitted consensual sex) with a member of the public who approached him for assistance in his professional capacity as Commissioner of Police.

The government, which is the employer of Mr Greene appears to be turning a blind eye to this situation and is even talking about retaining him as Commissioner of Police, despite the fact he passed the retirement age a few years ago and serious allegations have been made against him. We are bound by a set of laws that if we stop applying and keep making exceptions, will retard our progress. Why do we have laws to begin with?

Yours faithfully,
Balwant Persaud

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