Males seem to lack education on the workings of the female body

Dear Editor,

It is some time now since a teenager died as a result of an abortion, yet my mind is still reeling at the thought of what she must have suffered.

If the reports are accurate, this girl had a four-month-old baby and was four months pregnant.  It is unbelievable that she had just undergone the trauma of childbirth and there was no concern for her young body. It appears that her partner was so caught up in his own need for sexual gratification that he gave no thought to her need for time to heal.

Maybe, this points to the dismal lack of education and ignorance of boys and young men, on the workings of the female body; on the need to show tenderness, compassion, love and respect.

This terribly sad case also brings out the stark reality that legalising abortion has not stopped women and girls suffering and dying from the effects of abortion.

Yours faithfully,
Joan Collins

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