Not a good night for those in the vicinity of Congress Place

Dear Editor,

I trust that you and your staff have had an enjoyable Mashramani. I reside in Lamaha Gardens, in a section which is approximately half a mile from Congress Place. I have no issues with the APNU boycotting the Mash, having their own Mash, etc. I suppose that is for economic or other reasons best left for discussion among the intellectually superior.

However, Mash in Congress Place went on literally all day long. No, not Guyanese ‘all day,’ I mean it started at 5am on February 23, 2012, when I was subjected to music of a soca genre – well I suppose it was Mash, not too much of a problem. But at 10.33pm the noise was continuing unabated. I called the numbers of the PNCR’s headquarters and they rang out. I called Brickdam Police Station Impact Base, and tried to make the policeman who answered the phone understand what I was talking about over the noise, and asked that a patrol go to ask them to lower the volume. No joy.

At 10.43pm, the DJ was saying “We ain’t going home” –  twice.

At 11.21pm, no let up; DJ, ‘Bully Dawg‘ pun de mic… I have to work in the morning.

Looked for a number for Mr David Granger at home, but he is apparently not listed.

At 11.22pm DJ Bully Dawg announc-ed that “We going til morning,“ playing ‘I’ve got a feeling that tonight is going to be a good, good night‘…

Well not for me apparently…

Couple of valium I suppose.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

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