Continued protection of Henry Greene confirms again that justice and public regulations are not applied equally

I have two concerns which on the surface appear unrelated but which both raise questions about who is giving service and who is being protected.

The first is that however President Ramotar and his advisors resolve the issue of the termination of Henry Greene’s employment as Commissioner of Police, there is no doubt that the situation has called into question the government’s often-stated commitment to protect women and children from physical and sexual abuse.

When the head of the police force, in the face of the more serious accusation of rape, admits to professional misconduct, to whom is a subordinate officer in the police force accountable? The continued protection of Henry Greene is the latest confirmation that legal justice and public regulations are not applied equally. The failure of the political bosses to take the obvious action to show their repugnance for his conduct  serves to damage further any trust the public might have in the police and the government, and also works to undermine the morale and authority of the police.

The second issue that concerns me today is this. In the last few weeks the media has reported police complaints  about not being provided for during the 2011 elections. We’ve learned that $90M was released for police meals during the period, while at the same time one police commander is reported to have said that commanders were advised that there was no money and they should forage as best they could for the sustenance of the ranks they commanded.

Given this, for Mr Rohee to suggest (Stabroek News March 3, 2012) that explaining to taxpayers what has been done with their tax dollars is a sensitive matter clearly demonstrates again that the administration feels no need to be accountable to the population that provides the funds. We have to ask who would have been blamed for the disappearance of $90M released to provide inline police ranks with meals had the Commander not explained that they were instructed to beg the communities for meals. Where did the money go?
Yours faithfully,
Karen de Souza

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