Demerara Waves report on PNCR General Council meeting inaccurate

Dear Editor,

It is with a feeling of disgust and deep regret that I write to you on the matter of the Sunday, March 4th 2012 Demerara Waves’ article titled `PNCR’s Congress pushed back again; concerns about factionalism and debt raised’ written by Mr. Dennis Chabrol. First of all Editor let me make it pellucid that the article demonstrates gross misrepresentation and inaccuracy from beginning to the end.  It is against this backdrop that I will address the issues in that report.

As one of the Public Relations Officers in the People’s National Congress Reform, I can tell you that Mr. Chabrol was firstly misinformed about the party’s congress date – how could he publish that the congress has been pushed back without speaking with authorized party executives?

Neither the PNCR Leader Mr. Robert Corbin nor the General Secretary Mr. Oscar Clarke had given the impression of any postponement. Rather the General Secretary announced the date for the congress.

On the note of confrontation between PNCR Leader Mr. Robert Corbin and Mr. Aubrey Norton during the Saturday 3rd March 2012 General Council, I wish the public to be informed that this too is highly inaccurate. Aubrey Norton was at no time during that council allowed to confront the party Leader.

Allegations were raised by Mr. Norton and those were put to rest by Mr. Corbin. Mr. Corbin continues to enjoy wide support and there was a clamour for him to continue as leader of the People’s National Congress Reform after years of hard work and much sacrifice for the party.

On the note of Mr. Desmond Fernandes, he did indeed voice concerns, but this same Region One Comrade who did not retain that seat in Parliament, had the decency to eventually apologize after he was accosted by the General Council gathering and PNCR Leader Robert Corbin – he did not “maintain that his account was factual and right” as suggested in Mr. Chabrol’s misleading report.

Mr. Editor before I close, I must express my surprise and total disappointment in Mr. Chabrol who has been in journalism long enough to value accuracy. Did Mr. Chabrol not think it fit to check and verify his story before publishing?

I condemn him and Demerara Waves for this baseless and inaccurate article and demand an apology on behalf of  the Public Relations Department of the People’s National Congress Reform.

Yours faithfully,
Malika Ramsey

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