Help and Shelter can execute child protection programmes but doesn’t have the funds

Dear Editor,

Thank you for your editorial of 22nd March, which has highlighted the damage done not only to children who are direct victims of domestic violence – like poor, poor baby Andy Hunte – but to those who witness it, and the lasting trauma that this has on their personal and social development, which results, among other things, in the perpetuation of the cycle of violence.

Help & Shelter provides counselling for children who are survivors of both direct and indirect domestic violence and also works to promote child protection through violence prevention education and community-based activities to improve the lives of children who have experienced abuse.

A child protection project co-funded by the EU has for the past 15 months been working in Sophia, Good Hope, Hague and Zeelugt with parents, service providers (health workers, teachers, the police) and faith-based organisations to raise awareness about the need for child protection and to change attitudes and behaviour towards children. The results of surveys in the project communities show that the project has had considerable success.

If we are to protect our children from violence and provide services when their rights have been violated, child protection projects need to be continued and extended to communities countrywide.

Help & Shelter has the knowledge, skills and experience to execute such projects but, alas, not the funds.

Yours faithfully,  
 Denise Dias
 Gaitrie Shivsankar
 Yvonne Quintin
 Margaret Kertzious
 Josephine Whitehead
 For Help & Shelter

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