Loud music from Buddy’s Pool Hall is taking a toll on my health, numerous complaints have led nowhere

Dear Editor,

The sickening, heavy bass from loud music emanating from Buddy’s Pool Hall on Sheriff Street is really taking a toll on my health. On Wednesday 21st March, I broke down in tears of stress and frustration trying to get help from Quick Response, then Kitty police station and Impact Base. It took five calls to try to stop this cruel harassment myself and family are forced to endure every night especially from Wednesdays to Sundays. The music never stopped until 1.30 am.  I was not feeling well earlier in the day.  There is no discretion or consideration for residents by the management of Buddy’s, especially for our very young children, whose ages are four months, two years, two and a half years and seven years, and for people who have to work.  Every night this harassment goes on and from Saturdays from either 13-14 hrs to 2, 3 or 4 am in the mornings this sickening heavy bass invades our house.

Since December of 2011, I have been visited and interviewed by ranks from various departments of the police force investigating numerous complaints by me of noise abuse from both Buddy’s Pool Hall and the Night Club.  I have been complaining and trying to get help long before. Is there really any protection for women and children? It seem as though all whom I have written are either powerless or are unwilling to stop this cruelty that is being inflicted on myself and relatives, while Buddy and his family are not there to endure this continuous assault, abuse and misery being inflicted on us.

All our peace and comfort are brutally taken away, we cannot sit and enjoy any programme on the television, read a book or enjoy browsing online, that sickening loud booming has taken over everywhere. It is as if we have no life.  My bed feels as if it is amplified.  The sound boxes they have placed in front of both sections should be removed, they are misusing them.

Already my health is in danger, the heavy bass triggers off a beating in my ears, hours of rest are cruelly taken away from me. I suffer severe headaches from the stress of having to sit and wait night after night until they decide when to stop and there is a cut-off point for music which is midnight.  But it seems as though this doesn’t apply to them.  They seem to think that on holidays and the days mentioned they are at liberty to brutalize people until the wee hours of the morning, safe in the knowledge there would be no intervention by the police.

The management of Buddy’s has no consideration for the people who reside here.

This harassment is so senseless, loud music is damaging to everyone and I cannot understand why nothing drastic is being done to stop it.

I wish to remind all those whom I have written – we have very young children, whose ears can be damaged.  We need this injustice to be addressed now.

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address

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