I would like to share my nightmare with the public and hope it will be of some help to landlords.

In May of 2011 I placed an ad in the local newspapers for a two- bedroom flat to let.  I received numerous calls and more than a dozen people came to view it.  I however decided to lease it for six months to a gentleman who said he does business overseas and would hardly occupy the place since most times he would not be here.

I on the other hand, not a person to get involved with arguments, fights etc. thought about it and decided to lease the place to the gentleman for two main reasons.
1.) It was one person alone.
2.) He would hardly be here.

He paid the first installments I had required of him and a security deposit and signed a six-month lease which would have been renewed at the ending if all was well.

Low and behold my nightmare began. This gentleman does nothing but sit around all day, consume liquor and play loud obnoxious music till in the wee hours of the night, curses and talks all sorts of vulgarities much to the disgust of my neighbours who have young children.

On many occasions I have tried to talk to him but this is pointless since most of the time he is  under the influence of alcohol.

I have since informed him that when the lease is up he will need to vacate the premises but until now he has not done so. The matter is now in court. I have not received rent since Oct 2011 to now.

This bully does what he wants when he feels like and is inconsiderate to people living among him. I did a background check on him and found out that he is a deportee who depends on a few dollars that his family overseas would send for him from time to time. He was involved in matters just like this on two previous occasions and subsequently had to move with the help of the court.

If only I had done some background check on this man I would not be in this situation. I’m appealing to the general public, be careful about who you lease your apartments, house etc. to. Don’t let the accent fool you. Do background checks on your tenants so you would not be robbed of money that you rightfully deserve.

With the help of our Court I pray that this matter is resolved soon and I can restore some peace and respect to our premises.

 Yours faithfully,
 (Name and address supplied)

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