Meadow Bank fisheries complex needs improving

Dear Editor,

I  promised my friends Budhoo and Sandra that I would petition the press on their behalf concerning the poor conditions existing at the fisheries complex at Meadow Bank, hoping that something will be done to alleviate the conditions there. Now Meadow Bank is a popular depot where many persons stop by for the purchase of affordable seafood. Very early in the morning one can see customers moving in to make their purchases, yours truly, being one of the loyal customers whenever I am at home in Guyana. Fish is a very cheap source of protein, however,  Budhoo would not fancy my use of the term “cheap” because that word conjures up the picture that it is a bad item or something lacking in quality. Rather, he would like me to describe the commodity in terminology such as an affordable source of protein that is rich in omega oils and vitamins. This is exactly what fish is to all of us.

The purchase of fish is not a problem since prices are still within the range of the small man’s pocket, my concern is for the individuals who take care of the cleaning or dressing of the item. The area designated is unsightly with the makeshift cleaning tables standing in mud. The situation is worsened when it rains because the entire place becomes slush unfit for the workers to ply their trade. Recent dredging of the nearby canal and the deposition of its contents along the roadway has further aggravated the problem.

I do not know under whose jurisdiction Meadow Bank falls whether under the City of Georgetown or its Neighbourhood Council. Whichever ward or council is responsible for this facility I do call upon the authorities there to fix the infrastructure such as the building of a concrete pavement to facilitate the people who work there. It will indeed improve the ambience of the place where persons of the likes of Budhoo earn an honest living.

Yours faithfully,
Neil  Adams

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