Shared governance or snap election?

Dear Editor,

In view of the elections irregularities that were recently highlighted by APNU’s verification team, I want to lend my voice to the numerous calls for timely reactions to APNU’s claims from GECOM’s chairman —Dr. Steve Surujbally, as well as Chief Election Officer — Gocool Boodoo.

As a reminder to readers, the principal spokespersons for APNU’s verification team, Messrs, Joe Harmon and Nigel Hinds concluded “… we believe that the fundamental breaches of the stated polices and procedures of GECOM, along with the misconduct and illegal actions by GECOM representatives, does not provide a reliable basis to determine who won the presidency…”

In addition, Editor, I believe that the only way that those irregularities could be redressed is by either shared governance or a snap election.

Yours faithfully,
Morris Wilson

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