Mr. Brummell’s purported appointment as acting Commissioner is unconstitutional

Dear Editor,

From the press, the public has learnt the Mr. Leroy Brummell DSM has been appointed as acting Commissioner of Police. It seems, once again, that the country is being treated with casual if not reckless disregard with respect to constitutional positions.

Article 211 of the Constitution provides for the Commissioner and Deputy Commissioner of Police to be appointed by the President after meaningful consultation with the Leader of the Opposition and the chairperson of the Police Service Commission. Specifically, Article 211(2) makes the appointment of an acting Commissioner subject to the same constitutional requirements as the Commissioner.

I am advised that there has been no consultation on the “appointment” of Mr. Brummell. It is therefore my opinion that Mr. Brummell’s purported appointment is unconstitutional, null and void.

For good measure Mr. Henry Greene who is the substantive Commissioner was required, under Article 211 (3) to vacate office when he attained age fifty five (55). He did not do so because according to Dr. Luncheon the government has entered into an agreement with him to continue until age 60. That agreement too is unconstitutional.

So we are in the unique position where both the substantive Commissioner (Greene) and the acting Commissioner (Brummell) exist in a constitutional illegality.What a country!

Yours faithfully,
Christopher Ram 

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