There was a threat about publishing articles in newspapers in relation to settlement of claim

Dear Editor,

We refer to the letter from Mr Cheddi Berret Jagan II published in the Stabroek News of Saturday, March, 24, 2012 (‘Passengers were never offered an explanation as to why this EZjet flight was cancelled’).

As we stated in our last letter, the real issue Mr Jagan has with the airline, which he admits, is a claim he has filed for alleged damage to a television set which he checked in as baggage. As previously stated, we do not intend to address the matter of Mr Jagan’s claim in the media.

Mr Jagan, as we noted, threatened to attack us in the media if we did not settle the claim to his satisfaction.

His letter, while clearly exposing his chagrin over the matter, says that he “made no threat about settling the claim.” In an email to me of March 20, Mr Jagan wrote, “now, anticipate and await every single newspaper article that I cause to be published in regards to your incompetency in diligently, professionally and reasonably settling a dispute for damage which your airline caused.”  So much for Mr Jagan’s accuracy.

Mr Jagan reinforced his threat by advising us that we should, “read my title below, you will understand why I will have no problem getting these articles printed.”  He also, it appears, is given to the use of extremely volatile and hostile language. He resorted, in his correspondence with the airline, to the use of terms such as “your crooked airline…”; “idiocy and lunacy.” We leave your readers to judge whether we should expect the use of such language to be associated with an official of government holding high office in the Office of the President.

Mr Jagan persists in further bringing his credibility into public question by insisting that “EZjet did not provide hotel accommodation and meals for passengers of the cancelled March 4th 2012 flight.” EZjet can submit copies of the invoices from the hotels where our passengers were, in fact, accommodated.

While Mr Jagan considers it “pathetic” that EZjet has, to date, maintained a 90% record of delivering an on-time service to our passengers, it may be of interest to note that American Airlines records 75%  and Delta 67%, while Caribbean Airlines, on one occasion that we can recall, left passengers in New York for some two days. As we pointed out in our previous letter, from time to time, all airlines will encounter flight delays and flight cancellations beyond their immediate control.

Quite frankly, we have become tired of Mr Jagan’s foolishness and this will be the last occasion on which we will respond to Mr Jagan.

Yours faithfully,
Sonny Ramdeo
Chief Executive Officer

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