Manickchand stayed with the facts

Dear Editor,

Ms Joan Ward-Mars has misinformed herself as a result of her poor interpretation of Minister Priya Manickchand’s comprehensive explanation of the government’s contribution to legal aid in Guyana, in the face of distorted accounts (‘Funding from UNICEF for legal aid in Region 10 has not been continuous’ SN, March 30).

The Minister’s presentation on this matter made reference to Ms Emily Dodson, from whom the distortion emanated in the first place. However, in so doing, Ms Manickchand stayed with the facts.

Is this a case where Ms Mars’ emotional sensitivity has prevented her from making a fair and objective assessment of the matter, or one where she is trying to divert attention from the fact of Ms Dodson’s skewed account of the government’s contribution to legal aid? There is no evidence to suggest that the motive behind the Minister’s clarification was aimed at character assassination. If there were to be some insistence that character assassination was intended then I would have to concede it was Ms Dodson’s doing to put a dent in her own character.

Yours faithfully,
Kwame Mc Coy

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