Credit goes to the police in ‘G’ Division

Dear Editor,

The arrest of four men who are accused of being involved in several robberies committed on our fishermen at sea recently in the vicinity of the mouth of the Pomeroon River, and the recovery of some outboard engines by the police, is good news. And the police in ‘G’ Division must be commended and also rewarded.

This act of piracy on our fishermen must stop. The onus and responsibility rest squarely with the Ministry of Home Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture, while public-spirited citizens also have a role to play.

These men spend days at sea harnessing one of our main resources, and in so doing put their lives at risk. They are exposed to the forces of nature, including high winds, rain and rough seas, and for them to work in a situation where they can be attacked and robbed and even murdered is asking too much of them.

The state must create an atmosphere where our fishermen go to sea without the burden of thinking that they are vulnerable to piracy, and this can only be done through an increase of sea and air patrols by the police and army, and the distribution of reliable communications equipment to all registered fishermen, who after an interview meet the necessary criteria set by the Ministry of Agriculture.

It must be noted that immediately after any attack of piracy, a lot of colourful and flowery statements would usually be made, including promises and with the passing of time, they remain promises.
Once again, full credit to the police in ‘G’ Division.
Yours faithfully,
Archie W Cordis

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