ATM machine ‘disappeared’ money

Dear Editor,

I had the most harrowing experience at Republic Bank, Camp Street yesterday. I am so upset and frustrated I just feel like closing my account.
I was left with no money after spending some three hours in that bank only to be told by an employee who sounded like a recording that my transaction could not be found.

Earlier in the day, I went to the bank and used the ATM to withdraw all the money I had inside. Unfortunately for me all the machines were malfunctioning at that time. I tried three times and on each occasion the message read that the transaction could not be completed and that I should try again in two minutes. Three, two-minute tries and I still got nothing.

Myself and scores of other irate customers left the ATM while I decided that I would return later in the day when the bank would have recognised and solved the problem. To my amazement, on trying an hour later I found a mere $3 in my account.

Where did my money go? I did not receive a cent from that machine. Now in panic mode with no money, a hectic day ahead and an exam, I decided to immediately rectify the problem inside. A large crowd greeted me and I collected my number and went back to work. I returned 45 minutes later but only three persons had been looked at from the time I left.

I sat in the bank for two hours, just staring at people because I had nothing else to do.
During this time I was amazed at the sloth of the employees, some of whom were standing around smiling. When it was my turn, I explained the problem to an employee who amazingly asked if I got a transaction receipt.

Later I showed her the receipt from my last withdrawal some time back and the one I received when I revisited the back the second time. Low and behold another hour and a half later I was still without my money because my transaction could not be found.

I was made to sign a withdrawal slip with the employee telling me the voucher was being prepared. Half an hour later I was still without my money. I was told that I would have to return the following morning. How could they tell me to do this when I had wasted my entire morning in the bank?

It seems to me that Republic Bank does not understand that people’s time is important. More than three hours after their machines malfunctioned they hadn’t rectified the problem which I am sure caused others inconvenience as well.

What upsets me more is the ‘don’t care‘ attitude of those employees, and I stormed out of the bank fuming mad. About four different tellers came to address me and each one of them had the same ‘pre-recorded‘ message.

Unfortunately for me I still have to go back in the morning, having been left to spend the rest of my day without a single cent in addition to being stressed out. Who is going to compensate me for my wasted time and unnecessary discomfort because of the bank’s error?

Yours faithfully,
(Name and address provided)

Editor’s note
We are sending a copy of this letter to Republic Bank for any comment they might wish to make.

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