The government should provide floodlighting to grounds in all three counties

Dear Editor,

The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago continues to reap benefits as a result of the state’s decision to fund and maintain lighting facilities at several grounds across the country. This initiative has enhanced community cooperation since it is the residents’ duty to protect the lights and turn them on and off. While there are other significant benefits their relevance to today’s increasing number of nocturnal activities cannot be ignored.

It has therefore become necessary for the government to establish at least one permanent lighting facility in all three counties that will provide a great degree of pleasure and satisfaction to the increasingly workaholic population, some of whom do not enjoy the luxury of time during the day.

While my bias may be for cricket and to suggest that the lights should be strategically placed at Everest, Albion and the Anna Regina Community Centre Ground, their positive effect on other sports will also be tremendous. I was particularly heartened when the legendary Clive Lloyd who is currently the Chairman of the Interim Management Committee for cricket in Guyana acknowledged the necessity for same to be done, in order that our players would be equipped to deal with the challenges of night cricket. I am hopeful therefore that with his influence and foresight, the foreseeable future will be bright at night.

It is my hope that the government will respond in due course, so that the social and economic integration of our society can be further enhanced.
I can see such a facility doing wonders for the residents of Essequibo who are starved of quality entertainment and whose athletes cannot train under lights because there are none. Instead the evening becomes the time when the residents retire and bad habits go to work. Societies can thrive with properly planned evening activities and the installation of floodlights with government support.

Yours faithfully,
Elroy Stephney

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