No response from Police Complaints Authority, et al

Dear Editor,

The following letter was delivered to the offices of The Police Complaints Authority, the Office of Professional Responsibility and the Police Service Commission on March 30. To date (Thursday, April 5, 2012), we have not even received an acknowledgement of receipt from any of the three. This raises the question whether the Office of the Commissioner of Police is above the law.

“Complaint against Mr Henry Greene

“Mr Henry Greene, Commissioner of Police, in connection with the DPP’s advice that he be charged for rape, swore to an affidavit which was proffered in the court of the Chief Justice.

“The Commissioner of Police swore in his affidavit that he engaged in a sexual encounter with a woman who came to him for assistance in his capacity as Commissioner, and that he engaged in the sexual encounter with her knowing that she was the subject of an active police investigation.

“This behaviour of the Commissioner breaches the most permissive codes of accepted ethical behaviour, and certainly, in a professional of Mr Greene’s position, at a minimum, it amounts to (1) potentially perverting a police investigation and (2) abusing his official position to secure sexual favours.

“We anticipate your urgent examination and institution of disciplinary measures in relation to this complaint.“

Yours faithfully,
Karen de Souza
Wintress White

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