Bank should ensure that ATM machines are in working order

Dear Editor,

I am embarrassed for the Republic Bank in Camp Street. It is now becoming a very regular and shameful situation where persons are joining long lines in the hope of drawing money from their account using the ATM machine, only to be faced with malfunctioning systems and the next thing, a zero balance in their account.

If my memory serves me correctly, I think a young man had this problem not so long ago and went to the media also. However, my cousin had the same problem when she attempted to withdraw her salary on March 23, 2012. The point is that the bank needs to ensure at all times that all machines are in working order, and persons must feel confident that their monies are safe and secure.  My cousin was very lucky to get her money. I feel for that young lady who had that harrowing experience and whose story was carried in your April 3, 2012 edition.

Yours faithfully,
Jewel Gibson

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