AG Anil from the top end

……….de Cricket Board callin fuh helmet

So the government has gone into overdrive in its unending feud with the members of the besieged and now, it seems, outlawed Guyana Cricket Board. The Police have rifled through the homes and offices of Ramsay Ali et al and the hapless President of the hapless GCB has thrown in the towel to save himself further punishment. “Very, very dark day.” Ali says.

The Government, it seems, is now pulling out the stops to flatten the GCB and the charge is clearly being led by its supposedly ‘hot shot’ AG Anil Nandlall whose tenure in the Ramotar Cabinet so far has been taken up with little else but trying to bury the Cricket Board.

The question is, of course, whether the AG isn’t getting two bites of the cherry as far as taking on the Cricket Board is concerned. Recall that before the results of the November 28 general elections catapulted him into high office he wore a different hat as Attorney for one of the two warring factions in the current cricket fiasco. Didn’t his clients include Angela Haniff and Roger Harper and high flier Bissoondyal Singh? And didn’t the Attorney at Law – turned AG lose every single one of those matters in the court to a Hadfield Street lawyer named Forde? And isn’t Nandlall back in the attack again, bowling from the top end – the political end, that is -this time – and looking for movement of the ball from his vantage point as AG which movement he never got from the vantage point of having to tough it out in the courts?

Rumours flying like shattered stumps! Now we are hearing that this whole business of searching the homes of Ramsay Ali and co. may have stemmed from communication sent to Home Affairs Minister Rohee by Nandlall indicating that he had been given clearance by the President to have the homes and properties of the GCB members searched. Rohee reportedly then fired off a letter to the acting Top Cop directing that the president’s purported instructions relayed to him by the AG be carried out. The rest, of course, is history.

If one can understand why bringing the Cricket Board to heel means so much to the AG you have to wonder about the lengths to which he is prepared to go to achieve that end. Mind you, the mercurial AG is reported to have asserted – when asked about the possibility of Guyana feeling the wrath of the ICC – that without pain there’s no gain.


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