Lake aiming to end Bajan Antoine’s undefeated record in Guyana tonight

WBC Super Lightweight title clash

By Iva Wharton

A possibility for revenge is how Guyanese Lightweight Revlon Lake views his matchup against Barbadian Miguel Antoine when the two clash today for the WBC Super Lightweight title in the WBC Cup of Champions.
The card which features five fights will see the two fighters cuffing it out in the third bout.

Having lost twice already to Antoine, Lake said this time would be different. The first fight, he said, was a clear loss but the second was due to a controversial decision.

“My coach told me that Antoine never fought more than four rounds so  they would like me to carry the fight in the later rounds. Normally I would fight in the later rounds, but in the fifth round (of their last fight) he just butt me in a corner, starting throwing punches and I was defending when the referee stopped the fight.” Lake said this will not be the case this time.  “For me right now I get more exposure, get more confidence and I know that it gon be a good night. Now I am doing a lot of things better, and I am well prepared for this fight and it’s a fight in my home and my country and I will put my best foot forward and know that I gon get the decision over Antoine.”

Revlon Lake and Miguel Antoine have different expectations going in to their third fight against each other tonight. (Iva Wharton photo)

He said that Antoine is well aware that he is there to fight and not to play. “I am better prepared for this fight now in my home and in my country.” Antoine is undefeated in 17 fights and was previously rated in the top 40  super lightweight fighters in the World. He is the current Commonwealth champion at the 140 pounds category as well.

Lake is an improved fighter whom Antoine respects: “I saw Mr. Lake in one or two championship fights out of his weight division without a lot of preparation and he performed exceptionally well. So I know Mr. Lake has a lot guts and he has had plenty of time to prepare for this fight, so look forward to a very interesting fight from Mr. Lake.”

Antoine is also a world class fighter with tremendous skills, speed, and ability at the age of 23, now turning twenty-four, he is looking for this opportunity to go into the World Cup.

Antoine said that he is well aware of Lake’s ability and will not be underestimating him. “I have fought him twice and he is not an easy opponent to come against. This fight means a lot to me and also to Barbados and the whole Caribbean.”

According to Antoine he is looking to win this fight which is a stepping stone onto the world stage, which will allow people to see who he really is.

“I have been boxing all my life, starting from eight years old and have dedicated myself to my boxing and I am really looking forward for this fight,” Antoine said.

Meanwhile, President of the Guyana Boxing Board of Control Peter Abdool said that both fighters are champions in their own right with Lake having defeated Mark Austin and in the process capturing the Lightweight title, while Antoine is undefeated in Guyana.

“It is clear that both of them really deserve an opportunity to fight for a COBOFE title, which in turn will allow them into the World Cup and an opportunity to make a lot more money, fame and glory for themselves.”

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