Alpha United to pay GFF $50,000 fine before getting approval

The Guyana Football Federation has laid out its terms and conditions to applicant Alpha United which is interested in joining the  federation.

A fine of $50,000 for breaching the constitution of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) is one of the requirements that Alpha United must fulfill in order to come under the umbrella of the local governing body for football.

Alpha United had written the Georgetown Football Association (GFA) recently stating that it was withdrawing from participating in all activities  organized by the governing body for football in the capital city.

Alpha United arguably, one of the top football clubs in the country,  had also opted out of the current NAMILCO Football festival leaving the organizers in a quandary since the tournament had already reached the semi-final stage.

They were the defending NAMILCO champions.

“Alpha United Football Club has returned to the fold of the Guyana Football Federation (GFF) and as a result the club can only participate in football that is sanctioned by the Federation,” the club stated in its letter to the GFA.

“In order for Alpha United to continue in the Annual NAMILCO  Football Tournament, the sponsors or Fruta Conquerors will have to seek permission from the GFF,” the letter added.

Alpha United then wrote the GFF requesting approval for the club to participate  in football organized under the aegis of the GFF which resulted in the GFF Executive Committee meeting recently to discuss the issue.

They arrived at four key criteria that Alpha United must satisfy before being admitted to the GFF fold and also gave the club strict rules which it must follow if it is to remain under the umbrella of the GFF.

Apart from the $50,000 fine,  for “disregarding the GFF instructions  and participating  in activities  which were organized  by an entity  which is not recognized by the GFF, “ the  executive committee of the GFF ruled that  Alpha United must “subject itself  to the constitution of the GFF and conform to the rules and regulations in force.”

The GFF also wants Alpha United to be….. “respectful of the rule of law and FIFA’s laws of the game” and to participate in competitions to which it is invited.

Alpha United was told that it  must also hold elections and conduct its business and football activities in accordance with  the constitution, Stabroek Sport has learnt.

“The club’s failure to abide by these terms and conditions will result in immediate suspension or termination of its relationship with the GFF,”  the governing body stated.

Alpha United’s executives were also invited to meet  with the Secretariat Staff and members of the GFF executive committee to “launch this new relationship.”

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